Dental Implants – A New Kind of Tooth Fairy

As children, losing a tooth means we’re growing up, a rite of passage we look forward to with much excitement! We dream of placing our lost teeth under our pillow in the hopes that the tooth fairy will come and leave a dollar in its place. Yet, as we age, losing a tooth isn’t as exciting. In fact, losing teeth as an adult can be scary, not only because it can lead to jaw bone loss, but it can also affect how you live day to day.

There are a few things to consider when thinking of replacing missing teeth: cost, longevity, and as mentioned above, quality of life. Each of these are important when considering how you’re going to protect your smile as you get older. At DentalPros in Tucson, we offer a variety of treatments for replacing missing teeth, including dental implants, dentures and bridges, to name a few. In this post, we’ll explain the difference and will go in-depth about why dental implants may be your best bet to preserve your smile for the long-run.

So What’s the Difference?

Dentures are fake teeth, typically made out of acrylic, that use an adhesive to attach to your gums. They can be taken in and out of your mouth as needed. Bridges are fake teeth that bridge the gap between your real teeth and the teeth that are missing. There are four types of bridges, a traditional dental bridge, a cantilever dental bridge, a Maryland dental bridge, and an implant supported dental bridge.

A traditional dental bridge is the most popular because it can be used when there are real teeth on either side. They are typically held in place by crowns on your natural teeth. A cantilever dental bridge is held in place by only one natural tooth. Whereas a Maryland dental bridge is used when there are real teeth on either side of the gap, but the attachment is done on the back of the natural teeth, not as a crown on top like with a traditional bridge. An implant supported dental bridge is when the bridge is supported by implants rather than your natural teeth.

Dentures and bridges are not always the right solution, however, depending on your individual needs. It’s important to consider the bones under your gum surface as well. Without a tooth in place, the bone will start to deteriorate. And that can affect not only how you eat, but how you look, too.

What Makes Dental Implants Different?

Dental implants are a long-term solution to achieving a healthy smile. Dental implants are made of titanium or Zirconia and are placed inside the jaw bone which stimulates bone growth, making it stronger. Essentially, you’re preserving the natural strength of your jaw bones while limiting problems in the future.

The Closest Thing to Natural Teeth

Although more expensive, dental implants are an investment in more than just healthy teeth and gums. They are an investment that is actually the closest thing to your natural teeth. What does that mean for our Tucson dental patients? It means you can enjoy the same foods you’ve always enjoyed, without having to change your diet! You can also floss and brush your teeth as you normally would, too. Plus, with a full set of teeth you’ll look younger longer, preserving the natural contours of your face.

With our dental implants, you have the choice of Titanium or Zirconia. Implants have three parts; Implant(screw) that goes inside the bone, the abutment( that screws into the implant), and the crown( that goes on top of the abutment). Our crowns are made of Zirconia the oldest mineral in the earth’s crust. This is the part of the tooth that you’ll see when you smile. This first-class performance material has high translucency and a natural look. The color can even be personalized to match your unique tooth coloring! It is absolutely metal-free, unlike other popular metal-based dental restorations. For more information about our high-tech dental materials, click here.

Affording a Beautiful Smile

So, how can you make the cost of dental implants doable on a budget? Our DentalPros in-house savings plan! Click here to learn more about our Dental Savings Plan, and start savings on your family’s dental care in Tucson today. If you have dental insurance, check with your provider to see if dental implants are included in your covered care. You may even have eligible health savings or flex spending benefits that can be used toward preserving your smile.  We also offering financing!

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