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According to a prestigious study by the Academy of General Dentistry in 2014, athletes who use drugstore mouth guards are twice as likely to suffer mild brain-related trauma. When the two mouthguards were compared, the custom mouthguard was more effective in keeping their teeth in position. This was because of how the mouth guard was perfectly fitted, as well as made with more robust materials. 

Over the counter mouth guards are made of less robust materials, not giving as much of a protection. Store bought mouth guards lack protection due to them not being as dense as custom mouthguards. Therefore, NFL players get custom mouthguards, they need to be provided greater protection to absorb more shock as well as direct hit to the jaw. 

Did you know that an estimate of 200,000 oral injuries is prevented by using mouth guards, according to The American Dental Association. Here at DentalPros, we like to focus on preventing emergencies by protecting patients’ teeth which is why we recommend routine visits.

Mouthguards are essential for times of stress or anxiety. Many people find themselves grinding or clenching their teeth while they are sleeping. This can lead to earaches, jaw pain, and headaches. Another great reason to wear a mouth guard, is if you snore in your sleep. If you snore, you might want to consider a mouthguard as well. Snoring is airflow squeezing through the narrowed airway space and only worsens with age. 

There are a few types of mouth guards available, but a custom-made mouth guard is considered the best option. Schedule an appointment at DentalPros to discuss whether a mouthguard could be the right solution for you!

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