DentalPros Supports Leaders In Our Community

DentalPros supports coaches in our community.

DentalPros has been in the Tucson community for 44 years, servicing many in Tucson and the surrounding areas. We pride ourselves on being family and locally owned. What makes us different from the rest is that we genuinely treat all our patients, new or current, like our family. We want all patients to feel valued and heard with exceptional care from our team. So, when we hear from our patients the gratitude, they have for their coaches we knew we needed to do a little appreciation for them.

Tucson being the little big city that we are, we know there are many coaches here that need to be recognized, for their hard work and dedication. Many coaches miss birthdays, weddings, births, and even quality time with their families. They choose this life to better their players for the game and individuals, to hopefully make them better people and leaders in our community.   

We knew there had to be a way to recognize those in our community who genuinely put in the work to inspire, improve, and motivate our youth. We heard stories of coaches taking kids to practice, buying protein to ensure they got the proper calorie intake. From that to also hearing our patients give gratitude to those coaches who shaped them into goal-setting individuals, leaders in their jobs, and even athletes at the next level. It takes a particular person to coach our youth, and they deserve our attention.  

Our practice is not just teeth cleanings, root canals, braces, Invisalign; it is a practice that is deeply rooted in Tucson. A practice that wants to make a change in our community; by committing to giving back to those who also shape our society. Whether that is in our chair getting work done or buying dinner for the coaches who are well deserving of a warm, happy meal. We are proud to be DentalPros, and we are proud of the differences we are striving to make day by day.

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