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Happy Father’s Day from the DentalPros family! Fortunately, Father’s Day is the same month as Oral Health Month, so we decided to dedicate this article to all of our DentalPros’ Dads! In this article we will show you tips and tricks on how to encourage oral health in your home. 

Kids mirror everything parents do, so by displaying a great example of your oral care it will positively influence everyone in your family. Your kids will follow your steps, creating a strong dental health foundation for them that will benefit them in their teen years and longer. If as a parent you participate in your oral health, it will reinforce your children to do the same. Protect yourself and your family by learning more about the connection between your oral health and overall health. 

When you are protective of your own oral health, it goes a long way. Did you know that your oral health mirrors your overall health and can even affect the rest of your body? Men tend to have a higher risk of heart disease and high blood pressure, which are two big health conditions that can directly target your oral health. Therefore, it is important to create a strong oral care habit. It takes 21 days to create a habit. Good dental health habits include brushing your teeth every morning and every night. Don’t forget to floss because bacteria harms teeth and gums overnight!

Another habit you might want to enforce is seeing the dentist frequently. Setting regular cleaning appointments are important because they are necessary to support ongoing oral health. This step-by-step cleaning process removes plaque that cannot be seen with the naked eye, giving you a healthy, happy smile.

We are always delighted to see fathers who bring their children to their dental appointments as it encourages children to value good oral health habits, setting them up for a life of healthy smiles. For more information or to schedule your next dental visit, contact our office today! Our team at DentalPros looks forward to meeting you and helping you set strong oral health habits that will benefit not only your smile, but your familys as well.

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